2020.05.14   We proudly announce that our heme study found its home at PLOS Pathogens. Thanks to all lab members for their hard work!

2020.04.09   Congratulations to Katherine Floyd and Chiara Micchelli for winning Clemson University Department of Biological Sciences Outstanding Senior in Discovery and Outstanding Junior Awards, respectively!

2020.03.25   Congratulations to Brock Thornton for successfully completing and passing both her written and oral comprehensives to become an official Ph.D. Candidate at Clemson University! We are all proud of all the hard work she puts into the lab.

2020.02.01 Welcome to Maria Kubaszewska, an exchange student from University of Aberdeen in Scotland. She will be here for the Spring 2020 semester doing undergraduate research.

2020.01.10   Welcome to Gracie Vaughan to the lab for Undergraduate research.

2019.12.10       We are very excited to announce a new R01 funding from the NIAID to support the study of the regulation of the physiology and function of the digestive vacuole in Toxoplasma gondii. We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc! See the following link for more details.

Media release:

2019.10.16-18 Clemson EPIC center organized the annual Cell Biology of Eukaryotic Pathogens at the Clemson Outdoor Lab. Chiara Micchelli, a junior undergraduate student, gave an excellent oral presentation on her latest findings, titled “The spatial resolution of the endolysosomal pathway in Toxoplasma gondii, a human protozoan pathogen.”

2019.08.31      The manuscript of characterizing the de novo heme metabolism in Toxoplasma gondii, titled ” Modulation of de novo heme production in Toxoplasma essentially controls its infection”, is posted in the preprint service BioRxiv.

2019.08.26       Welcome Claire Fortman to join the lab for her undergraduate research and Sophie Millard to do her rotation in the lab!

2019.08.20       Chiara Micchelli gave a fantastic poster presentation on her 2019 Summer Creative Inquiry project, titled “The spatial resolution of the endolysosomal pathway in Toxoplasma gondii, a human protozoan pathogen.”

2019.07.21-26, Zhicheng attended the FASEB microbial pathogenesis meeting and gave a poster presentation on de novo heme metabolism in Toxoplasma.

2019. 06. 19-22, Zhicheng attended the 15th International Toxoplasmosis Meeting and gave an oral presentation on heme metabolism in Toxoplasma.

2019.06.06        Our first publication from my independent research group has been launched on the PLOS Pathogens. We also appreciated that it is selected by the Editor-in-Chief as a featured research article. I am proud of my team members!

Media release:


2019.05.01           Amy Bergmann, my lab manager, gave a fantastic oral presentation on her heme project at UGA CTEGD annual symposium!


2019.04.13            The entire lab attended the ASM South Carolina branch meeting held at Beaufort, SC. Christian and Katherine won the 1st and 2nd prize for undergraduate poster presentation, respectively. Brock and Melanie won the 1st and 3rd prize for graduate poster presentation, respectively. Really appreciates Amy serving as a chaperone to bring them there for this great achievement!!20190413SCASM_3.JPG20190413SCASM_4.JPG20190413SCASM_6.JPGIMG_5331.JPG

2018.10.29        Group hiking to the top of the Table Rock Mountain!


2018.10.26        Brock, Christian, and Katherine presented posters at the 6th Cell Biology of Eukaryotic Symposium (CBEP). Melanie did a fantastic job on her oral presentation!


2018.08.15         Two new graduate students, Lillian Dillard and Melanie Key, joined the lab. Welcome!

2018.06.05          Katherine Floyd is selected to participate in the highly competitive prestigious 2018 ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship (ASM-URF) Program. ASM will provide her with a $4000 stipend and up to $2000 for student travel to the 2019 ASM Microbe Academy for Professional Development (MAPD) and 2019 ASM Microbe Meeting. Congratulations to Katherine!

2018.04.26          Brock was selected to give an oral presentation at the 28th Annual Molecular Parasitology & Vector Biology Symposium organized by the CTEGD of the University of Georgia. She did a great job!

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2018.04.14            The lab members, Brock Thornton, Christian Cochrane, Katherine Floyd, and Amy Bergmann, attended 2018 Spring American Society for Microbiology South Carolina branch meeting. Brock and Katherine’s posters were selected as the 2nd place for graduate students and the 1st place of undergraduate students, respectively. Congratulations!


2015.08.15             I launched my laboratory in the Department of Biological Sciences at Clemson University.